Hard Drives

Hi, I’m GeekGirl, and I have an addiction to hard drives.

Actually, I have an addiction to most things technical, but there’s something about hard drives that really attracts me. I love walking around the computer departments of stores and dreaming about what I want to buy when I have money again, but it’s always the aisle with the hard drives that tempts me to actually get my wallet out. To be honest, I have no need for more hard drives. If I did, this would be an entirely different discussion. But I have four drives that I use on a regular basis, one of which is a 1.5 TB thing of beauty. I don’t need the space. I don’t even use all of the space I have.

I don’t try to buy new laptops every time I go browsing, despite a growing need to replace my six year old MacBook. I can quite happily ignore the printers, even though my printer is currently a very nice paperweight. I’m even okay walking through the software section, and I love learning new applications. It really is just hard drives.

Hard drives, particularly external hard drives, feed my slightly obsessive desire to organise everything. I know that most things in the world can’t be easily organised. And I know that many things shouldn’t be organised at all. In the real world, I live in organised chaos, but still “organised” chaos. But when it comes to my digital data, I’m a compulsive organiser. I have three distinct photo libraries so that I don’t have to worry about mixing up what type of photo is where. My music collection is cross-referenced by artist, album, composer, genre, and whatever else I can think of. I have a folder full of documents explaining which files are in the middle of being moved to other folders, which can be deleted, which need to be burned to disc, etc. Yeah, I might be a tad obsessive compulsive.

Hard drives give me the space I need to really put my organisational ideals into reality. Walking through the hard drive aisles in stores challenges my self-control and my ability to say, “I don’t really need this.” And the part of my mind that insists, “But I want it!” ends up getting a very nice work out. It gets all the more difficult when I find hard drive sales. If I’m tempted to buy a hard drive at full price, imagine how much harder it gets when it’s on sale?

So let me stop before I sound like more of a crazy person than I already do (or already am), since I know that my sanity level is always a bit in question. And I’ll go back to locking my wallet away while staring at the 3 TB network drive I found on Amazon for $179.99…


One response to “Hard Drives

  • MASHFanficChick (@MASHFanficChick)

    Two major thoughts here: One, the way you’ve described them here, now I want more external hard drives! (I already have one, plus a keychain full of USB drives that functions as a small, easily-portable second.) Because I do have a possibly-obsessive thing about keeping my computer files–and ONLY my computer files–organized to an admittedly ridiculous degree. And two…why am I now picturing canon!Sherlock Holmes, locking Watson’s checkbook in his drawer lest the latter gamble the rent away again…? 😉

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